Leaving no stone unturned in supporting students

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020

Author: Arushi Sharma, Master's in Digital Transformation and Innovation


My name is Arushi Sharma. I’m an international student in the final year of my masters’ degree. I’m pursuing my majors in Digital Transformation and Innovation. I’d like to share my thoughts about the digital direction the University is taking.

With the emerging COVID-19 crisis, digital transformation has become an essential means of survival. After looking at University’s Digital Campus Transformation Plan, the increased adoption of digital technology during the pandemic might seem like a phenomenal “overnight success” just like a player who makes a well-timed play during a pivotal playoff game. Indubitably, the success doesn’t eventuate overnight, it’s the conclusion of years of planning and plenty of efforts put forward that allowed them to accomplish when opportunity called.

Experiencing this dramatic digital switchover --Reflective Practice -- gave me insights into the essence of professional knowledge and practice of my degree. I’ll be using Microsoft 365 productivity tools for my assignments and projects during the fall term that will help me in showcasing more creativity and providing my deliverables conveniently. These tools are every enterprise’s de facto mode of communication and collaboration.

One of the focuses of the strategic plan is being more agile, making it more contemporary, a holistic approach enabling limitless learning paradigm for students. The priorities of more connected will help to lessen the IT complexities across student learning, faculty teaching, and collaborative work environments. Trying to make it a more sustainable platform will eventually help students to experience a secured web of learning. The readiness of the Digital Plan in every aspect, be it academically or security of the personal data or the myriad of other sources of sensitive data, is like a protection shield, making it a seamless experience and set to meet on-demand education requirements.

I’m hoping that exposure to technology will give me an edge for a successful transition into the workplace environment after graduation. Having hands-on experience will help me in performing better in my professional career. Looking at our digitally evolving world, it seems technology is disrupting every part of our lives -- in how we work, in our personal lives, and how we interact as a society. I intend to pursue a career in data analytics as it enables professional advancement that will keep evolving and unfolding. I strive to operate on valuable business solutions and be a key player in innovation, science, and society in general.

I would like to express immense gratitude: to the University of Ottawa for demonstrating incredible care and commitment towards students. I also appreciate the dedication of our exceptional faculty members. At a time of unprecedented demand, they have stepped forward with resilience, flexibility and determination. Lastly, Information Technology is leaving no stone unturned in supporting students.

Bottom line for students: The well-framed Digital Plan sets the foundation for the long-term success of students.

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