Live streaming : Combatting cyberattacks

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There are risks in looking at live streaming websites. Websites offering free, live streaming can include viruses as well as malicious pop-ups and links. As a result, they may expose you to malware infection, personal data theft and scams. Studies show that 50 % of the video overlay ads on free live streaming websites are malicious.

  • Use legitimate sites to watch your shows, sports events and movies. Many overlay advertisements include fake buttons that expose you to malware.
  • Stream from trusted providers who control and monitor advertisements on their sites.

Be vigilant

Watching live events online is not the only type of live streaming. Live streaming apps from Periscope to Streamago, Snapchat to Facebook Live offer the opportunity to join an event, a show, a meeting and be part of the moment. Although they may be good tools, they can present danger if not used appropriately. Teenagers and kids are the most vulnerable users. Their rapid adoption of these tools to broadcast their lives may put them at risk including cyberbullying and children predators.

  • Stays informed of the potential risks live streaming apps bring, and explain them to your kids so they can be aware of how to use them properly. Be careful on what you post about your children online.
  • Enable safety settings and disable location services on the apps.
  • Avoid broadcasting live landmarks or identifiable locations, and private events.
  • Enable your filters to monitor your contacts or the people with whom you want to share your moments.
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