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Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Author: Nathan Dauray, Computing Analyst - Service Desk

iOS 11, available since the beginning of autumn, delivers new features to enhance your user experience on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iOS 11 is a big step up for the iPhone, but a giant step up for the iPad.

As a matter of fact, the update brings the user experience on an iPad closer to that of a Mac, thanks to the support of the drag and drop feature, and file management from a dedicated application. Also, the Dock has been redesigned, and looks quite similar to what you would find on a Mac.

iOS 11, applications doc

iOS 11 will redefine your multitasking experience through a virtual keyboard with new typing options.

Overall, the update delivers several interface refinements and new features, of which, the most notable are:

  • New Control Center with dozens of shortcuts which are customizable to enable faster access to your favorite features (holding your finger on some of the icons will give you access to additional features, such as on the Wi-Fi access and Airplane mode).
    iOS 11, Control center


  • Improved "Do not disturb" functionality where the iPhone can detect if you are driving and then limit distractions.
  • Added a Family Sharing option will allow you to share your iCloud storage with family members (50GB, 200GB, etc.).
  • New innovative photo and video compression algorithm (HEIC) that can reduce final file sizes by up to 50% in comparison to their previous equivalents (JPEG for photos or H264 for videos).
  • Notes app offers direct in-app scanning of documents.
  • Live Photos that was previously introduced with iOS 9 can now be edited.
  • File manager, "Files", lets you organize your documents across different service providers (iCloud, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.). The iPad version allows the drag and drop of files between applications with different service providers.
  • Storage space recovery through the removal of unused apps while still retaining your data.
  • Innovative Virtual Reality functionality, can be seen through apps such as "Ikea Place" or "MeasureKit".
  • QR codes scanning directly from camera without downloading an additional application (a notification appears when a QR Code is detected).
    iOS 11, QR code reader


Apple will continue to update over the upcoming months, offering new features, or fixing bugs or security vulnerabilities. In this regard, the iOS 11.1 update is already available and includes around fifty new Emoji while providing several stability and security fixes (for example, correcting the recent discovered vulnerability in wi-fi encryption protocols named KRACK).

Last thing to note, before any update it is strongly recommended to backup your device either using your

iCloud storage, or with iTunes on your PC or Mac.

The following devices are compatible with iOS 11 (64-bit terminals only):

  • iPhone 5s and newer (SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8, X), all screen sizes
  • iPad Pro all screen sizes
  • iPad Air and newer
  • iPad mini 2 and newer
  • iPod Touch 6th generation

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