Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

On September 25, IT professionals across the University of Ottawa joined and LinkedIn representatives on campus for a 90-minute session to learn more about the platform. They discussed opportunities to use available information to improve skills of students and staff.


Professionnels TI de l'Université d'Ottawa à une séance de au sujet de l'utilisation des données pour augmenter les compétences

uOttawa has access on to English and French courses focusing on the development of hard and soft skills. This online platform can be leveraged to develop skills whether for personal or for professional purposes. Courses on are broken down into bite-sized videos, of about 4 minutes, each of which focuses on developing a single skill.

You can follow these courses at your own pace and even on a mobile app. The content, once accessed, is also available offline for a month before you will need to re-login. You can customize your own playlists, organize your courses, and share them your teams. You can also enrich your playlist by adding videos from other courses.

The University IT professionals were extremely interested in the correlation between existing LinkedIn data and the development of skills of staff and students.

Lynda training session second image

The self-reported aggregated and anonymous LinkedIn data can be leveraged to see what are the most popular courses and in-demand and scarce skills, and what are the opportunities to grow them for the benefit of both students and staff. The data can be used especially to identify skill trends to train existing and potential students and prepare them for their future career.

Professors all over Canada, including at uOttawa, are already using for teaching purposes, as an alternate to textbooks or to enhance the content.

Whether interested in honing business, creative, or tech skills, access the more than 7,000 courses today!

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