Making the campus evolve and offering students flexibility

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020

Author: Noelle Buzohera, Honours in Psychology, minor in Social Work


My name is Noelle Buzohera, and I am a fourth-year student in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. I’ve been working in the Research team within the IT Solutions department since my second year of university through the Work-Study program. As a Systems Assistant, I mainly do testing, create video tutorials, and translations for applications.

I chose to work as a student in IT to be challenged and to try something new, despite not having an IT background. I learned so many things! As a member of Information Technology, I was able to contribute to the recently launched Digital Campus Transformation Plan. 

During these difficult pandemic times, I believe that technology is more important than ever. I’d like to share two of the pillars that interested me the most. One of the pillars of the Digital Campus Transformation plan is to be more agile. As one of its priorities, it will increase investment into accessible data for researchers. As an undergraduate student that plans on doing graduate studies, this is great news. 

The second pillar is more connected and one of its priorities is to deliver a secure, flexible and unified mobile student experience. Nowadays, courses are being taught online and with the new Respondus LockDown Browser, it is important that students have a secure mobile experience while taking their exams and quizzes. As a student, ensuring the safety of my data is extremely important. 

Bottom line for students: The Digital Campus Transformation Plan is making the campus evolve and there is lots of flexibility to support the students and the University community as a whole.

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