Manage Research Interests in UNIWeb

Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Author: Olivier Simart, Applications Manager (Research), IT Solutions

Manage your research interests

Highlighting research interests plays a key role in UNIWeb. By tagging research interests, researchers increase opportunities for connections, collaborations and interdisciplinary research. Research is more easily available and searchable when themes are tagged.

When CV data is tagged in UNIWeb with research themes, it also appears in related web pages automatically. Research interests are visible on the researcher’s profile and are searchable by anyone. Themes can be searched to identify other subject-matter experts, people of interest and related publications. Researchers can increase their discoverability by choosing from research themes and sub-themes, or by suggesting new themes to classify their work.

We are continuously refining themes based on community feedback and the priorities of the University. Our most recent changes make managing research interests easier, more comprehensive and flexible.

UNIWeb is the University’s centralized bilingual curriculum vitae (CV) tool for academics. The tool is an intuitive and user-oriented web application that professors and researchers will find quicker and easier to use when entering and maintaining CV information, as well as exporting, reusing and saving information in multiple formats. Going forward, we are committed to improving UNIWeb and continue to evolve the system with timesaving features

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