MFA required to access uOttawa resources: Enrol today

Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

young women typing on blue and black smartphone with laptop and notebooks in background

It is more important than ever before to be proactive in adopting a stronger cyber-security stance to avoid breaches to your accounts, research/files and faculty resources. One of the added security measures you can choose to adopt now is Multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA will be a mandatory requirement to access uOttawa critical systems. Soon, accounts that have not enrolled for MFA will be prompted to complete the process in order to access MFA-enabled systems.

MFA is one of the best cybersecurity measures you can adopt to decrease the likelihood of others from accessing your accounts, data and resources. It provides an added layer of security for your accounts in so far as it requires identity confirmation using a secondary device such as a smartphone when you login to University of Ottawa resources.

Enrol your account for Multi-Factor Authentication

Visit the MFA webpage to get started and access support resources.

Security is everyone’s responsibility!

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