MFA security coming to uOttawa

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Educational organizations are constantly bombarded with cyber threats. In the news, we often hear about organizations experiencing data breaches. Once a breach occurs, it is very expensive to identify the attack, assess the damage, repair the breach, install safeguards against future attempts, and communicate with all

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Many companies have implemented MFA. Some of you may already be familiar with Apple's MFA.

affected parties. And when personal information is stolen, people experience a sense of violation and lose confidence in the organization. A loss of credibility can be damaging to the reputation of the organization in many ways.

The University understands the seriousness of these threats and recognizes the importance of protecting the information it manages. For this reason, Information Technology will be proceeding with steps to increase the security defences we have against hackers. As a result, multi-factor authentication (MFA), a best practice in security, will be implemented at uOttawa.

In the upcoming months, we will provide you more information about the project and describe what you will need to do. This security model will consist of your password and mobile device.

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