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Posted on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Microsoft has announced a change to their Stream service. Rather than Teams meeting recordings being saved to Stream, they will now be saved to the user’s personal OneDrive.

Starting August 5th, 2021, all Teams meeting recordings will be saved to OneDrive instead of Microsoft Stream (Classic).


What is going to change?

  • New features
    • External and guest sharing, retention policy application.
    • Go Local support and BYOK (Bring your own key) support for customers.
    • Improved transcription quality, speaker attribution, transcript content search.
    • Meeting recordings are available faster.
  • Meeting storage
    • Non-Channel meetings will be stored in a folder labeled “Recordings” in the OneDrive of the person who is recording.
    • Channel meetings will be stored in a folder labeled “Recordings” under a folder named after the channel under the Team’s document library.
    • A1 licenses customers saving meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint will have an automatic 30-day expiration set on meeting recordings.
  • Permissions
    • All meeting invitees - except for external users – in non-channel meetings will automatically get a shared link to access the meeting recording.
    • Everyone with view-only permissions are blocked from being able to download the recording by default for non-channel meetings.
    • External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person that clicked the record button.
    • For Channel meetings, permissions will be inherited from the owners and members list in the channel.
    • It is recommended that you do not use Channel meetings for sensitive topics where you do not want members to have full access.


What happens to my existing videos in Stream?

  • Existing videos will remain available from Stream until Microsoft has a migration tool. Until then, new videos will be uploaded to One Drive for Business and the older videos already uploaded to Stream will still be available from that platform.


Get ready!

There is nothing to do. Once the change is made, you will need to go to your personal OneDrive to see your meeting recordings.

Microsoft is developing a new version of Stream (built on SharePoint). Files will be stored in OneDrive, however, the new Stream interface will enable easier viewing/sharing with others.

For more information, you may consult Microsoft page on the use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint or Stream for meeting recordings

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