New anti-malware solution for personal computers: Sophos

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Over the last few years, cybercriminals have taken advantage of software/data vulnerabilities to silently deploy their malicious code. In the old days, spam was the primary mode of delivery for malicious code, but today, web-based infection and browser-based exploits are a clear leader.  Take steps now to protect your personal devices from online threats.

Information Technology is recommending a new anti-malware solution called Sophos for the University community to use on personal computers. Sophos solution protects against infections caused by many types of malware; including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, key loggers, ransomware and adware. It’s easy-to-install software that enables you to manage your security and even the security settings for your family.

The previous recommended solution was limited in both functionality and the level of protection it provided.  It did not address the protection needs for non-Windows platforms.  Additionally, it lacked a single point of access for security policy, management, and reporting across all security policies and enforcement areas. Sophos anti-malware software is a next-generation solution that offers advanced protection and features that were previously unavailable.

Of course, reliable anti-malware software is only one step in online security.  Visit Information Technology’s IT security page to learn more about IT risks and protecting yourself online.

The free version of Sophos is available to both students and staff and can be downloaded from the Information Technology website.  However, this free version is only for personal use and should not be used on University-owned computers. For details about anti-malware for University-owned computers, contact the Service Desk.

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