New Change request procedure

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

In order to improve our change management procedures and provide increased visibility, the following additional tasks will be required when change requests are approved at a Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting.

For IT changes that will cause a planned outage or a service disruption, two-way communication must occur between Information Technology and our clients to ensure that outages occur at a time when there is an acceptable impact or no impact to the client. The client must agree with the scheduled date and time before the change is submitted to the CAB.

In Service Now: If a change incurs downtime and the impact is anything other than Minor/Localized, then the following additional tasks need to be added to the Change Request:

  • Send out a communication upon starting the implementation
  • Send out a communication upon completing the implementation
  • Send out a communication if a change is not completed within the planned schedule.
    • After completion, if this task was not required then its state must be set to Close Skipped


The three tasks above:

  • Must be assigned to the person who will send out the communications.
  • The details of the client distribution list must be specified in the task description by the requester of the change.
  • The email body must be specified in the task description or as an attachment so that there is no ambiguity when sending out the communications.

For questions or comments about this process, contact the Service Desk.

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