New features in Microsoft Teams that will save you time and help you socialize with coworkers!

Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2021

A bigger, better world of emoji

Express yourself in Teams with a wider range of diversity and representation. Teams has added a number of emoji that will allow you to express yourself in a more personal way.

Gif New Emoji in Teams

Set your out of office from Teams

Whether you're going on holiday or offline for the afternoon, it's now possible to set your out-of-office status and auto-responders in Teams instead of Outlook. It is faster and simpler.  

To set your status, please follow these steps:

Photo on How to set out of office from Teams procedure

Improved sharing in Teams meetings

It's now easier to find the right content when you need it. Do you want to share audio files, PowerPoint slides or a window? You can find these items by selecting the content sharing icon in a Teams meeting. 

For more details, including a screenshot of the new design, go to Share content in a meeting in Teams.

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