New features in Outlook on the Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New features on Outlook on the web

Infographic text version:


Have you tried Outlook on the web yet? The new Outlook on the web (, formerly OWA, offers a bunch of new features for your email, calendar and tasks on a simplified interface.

Outlook on the web offers:
  • More functionality on any device: Take Outlook anywhere. Whether through the Outlook app or your mobile web browser, the experience is optimized for your device (excluding Android devices) with simplified views and functionalities, and a faster connection.
  • Powerful search: Search your inbox or calendar faster.  Keyword and people suggestions are provided based on recent and frequent searches.
  • New features: Functionalities and improvements added regularly based on customer feedback and requests.
  • Improved performance and reliability: Not only have we upgraded our version of Exchange to 2016, new servers enhance performance, reliability and processing speeds.

EMAIL. Organize your inbox.

  • Sweep: Organize automatically. File or delete hundreds of emails from your inbox in seconds. Set rules to automatically organize email before it arrives.
  • Pin: Pin important mail. Keep your most important messages at the top of your inbox, where they’re always accessible when you need them.
  • Unsubscribe: Block unwanted mail. Stop getting unwanted newsletters, daily deals, or other recurring messages instantly with Unsubscribe.
  • Images and Emoji: A picture is worth a thousand words. Add pictures inline or emoji to your emails.

CALENDAR. Make scheduling simpler.

  • Email reminders: Schedule email reminders for your events to remind participants about tasks related to your event/meeting.
  • Multiple calendars: Create and manage multiple calendars.
  • Create new items in place: Right-click anywhere on calendar to create new meetings, appointments, events.
  • Events from email: See meeting suggestions found in your email. Automatically add to your calendar.
  • Charms: Use charms to add visual cues to your calendar.

OUTLOOK ON THE WEB. Get started.

Check Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks from any web browser wherever you are:



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