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Posted on Monday, November 20, 2017

Office 365 Project (logo)

Information Technology is undertaking an initiative to improve the central Microsoft Exchange email service. The project aims to:

  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Improve email reliability and availability
  • Strengthen the security of the email infrastructure
  • Lay the foundation to offer upgraded collaboration tools.

Users will start seeing changes in spring 2018.


What will change?

We will be replacing our current Exchange email service with Microsoft Office 365. Most users will see little change in their everyday email interface. A good portion of the project activities will be focused on replacing the technical infrastructure and not the software you use.

The big change will be that the central email service will be hosted in the cloud. Note that all emails will be stored on servers in Canada. We will benefit from Microsoft’s huge email infrastructure, which is backed by a large team of experts. They have dedicated round-the-clock specialists to maintain the services. And good news about storage capacity:  mailbox quotas will be increased to 50GB, 5 times more than today’s default!

Information sessions have been scheduled. Check the project website for registration details.


What’s next?

The project team will continue its in-depth assessment and start the technical planning. A steering committee for the project has been in place since August and is providing the strategic business direction. We want to keep you informed. Visit our project website for additional project details and future updates on project developments, information about cloud-based hosting, and more. Stay tuned for our next email!

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