New Praise Badges in Teams

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Science agrees: People are happier and more productive when they get recognition for their efforts. Send acclaim to your employees and coworkers with Praise. Deliver in a chat, or for wider recognition, send it in a channel conversation in Teams.

Revel in the good vibes in five easy steps:

  1. Below the space where you write a new message or reply, select Praise (you may have to click the Messaging extensions > More options button to find it).

  2. Choose a badge.

  3. Add the name of the people you want to praise and an optional description.

  4. Select Preview to see what the badge looks like before sending.

  5. Once it's ready to go, click Send.

The following custom Praise Badges have been added to Microsoft Teams based on our four transformation pillars (and core values in Information Technology) at uOttawa:


Where technology rapidly changes: The Agility Badge

The AGILITY BADGE can be used when a coworker provides solutions in collaboration, innovation, and discovery in support of learning, teaching and research. Being more Agile leads us to improve our user experience and administrative effectiveness. Award this badge when you catch a team member empowering other employees to challenge what’s possible or providing solutions that make your team more effective.

Building strong collaborations: The Connected Badge

The CONNECTED BADGE can be used when a coworker increases our reach to prospective students, strengthens and expands partnerships, or finds a way to expand our connections. Being more Connected leads us to federate our collaborative solutions with our partners, support Alumni Relations fundraising efforts, and provide campus-wide solutions for accessing all services. Award this badge when a team member establishes or strengthens connections with students, employees, researchers, and partners.


Experiences that matter: The Impact Badge

The IMPACT BADGE can be used when a coworker contributes to outstanding leadership by enabling and supporting required tools, supports high impact research and partnership initiatives, or leverages previous investments in new and meaningful ways. Being more Impactful means interrupting the status quo in a way that could bring high returns and make a big impact in your day-to-day activities. Award this badge when a team member develops new frameworks, platforms, or visionary solution roadmaps.


Tomorrow’s technology: The Sustainability Badge

The SUSTAINABILITY BADGE can be used when a coworker simplifies processes, lowers complexities & costs, or finds a new way to harmonize, simplify, consolidate, and scale our infrastructure ecosystem. Being more Sustainable means working towards long-term success, better overall organization, and keeping up to date with tomorrow’s technology. Award this badge when a team member implements the best and finest practices of service, solutions, and support delivery.


Build Trust & Connections: The Empathy Badge

The EMPATHY BADGE is used to acknowledge and thank a team member for being kind, being respectful, and being willing to lend a hand to their coworkers. Being more Empathetic strengthens our connections and builds trust within our team. Award this badge when you catch a team member showing empathy and respect, connecting across teams, and committing to our community and partners.


Innovate boldly & sustainably: The Innovation Badge

The INNOVATION BADGE can be used when a coworker thinks out of the box, innovates boldly, and learns through said actions. Being more Innovative means challenging the status quo for the sake of improvement. Award this badge when a team member implements a bold solution or finds a way to effectively grow and sustain uOttawa for the future.


Next time a member of your team does something exceptional, make sure you show them your appreciation with a Praise Badge!

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