A new sign-on experience is coming

Posted on Sunday, October 4, 2020

uOttawa is transitioning to a new sign-on experience. This modernized sign-on experience leverages the Microsoft Azure platform. When you access certain applications you will be asked to confirm your @uOttawa.ca address before being prompted to login.

This new experience also provides improved account security across various University applications, quicker account recovery if you forget your password, and additional functionality in the future.

A new sign-on experience

When you access certain applications, you will see a Microsoft Sign in  screen.

Microsoft sign in screen with MIcrosoft logo at top and a field to enter Email, phone or Skype, grey 'Back button' and blue 'next button'

Enter your uoAccess ID (user@uottawa.ca) and click the Next button Which will bring you to the familiar uOttawa login page. For users registered for MFA, you’ll need to Approve your login (and for users who haven’t registered for MFA and are interested in added account security, register for MFA now). That’s it!

uOttawa authentication screen, includes fields for username and password and a login button

Over the next year, more of uOttawa’s applications will be moved to this new sign-on experience and we will start to roll-out new functionalities.

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