New UNIWeb features: Start sharing your profile online

Posted on Monday, March 6, 2017

Author: Olivier Simart, Applications Manager (Research), IT Solutions

To date, over two thousand professors and researchers have used UNIWeb. More and more users are seeing the benefits and taking advantage of the built-in functionalities. You may be using UNIWeb to store and manage your CV information, but imagine using it to promote yourself, your research, and the University.

UNIWEB Academic CV tool screenshot

You can now embed your UNIWeb profile on any webpage, such as a hospital website, lab profile page, research network, and more. It is now easier to share information about the exciting work/research you do, especially when the information is dynamic. No more waiting on an IT person or figuring out web code; faculty or delegated staff can save new information to a UNIWeb profile, and almost instantly, changes appear live! By embedding your UNIWeb profile to a webpage (versus having information directly on a webpage) you have control of the information, ensuring it stays up-to-date and relevant.

We’ve also introduced a functionality to identify connections to multiple departments or faculties. Add cross-appointments to your public profile to show your affiliation and easily connect with other professors and researchers in your department or faculty, and allow others to easily connect and find you.

UNIWeb is the University’s centralized bilingual curriculum vitae (CV) tool for academics. The tool is an intuitive and user-oriented web application that professors and researchers will find quicker and easier to use when entering and maintaining CV information, as well as exporting, reusing and saving information in multiple formats. Going forward, we are committed to improving UNIWeb and continue to evolve the system with new timesaving features.

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