Office 365 Project Update

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Author: Alex Dipietro, Information Technology Manager

Office 365 Project (logo)

The ability to contact and communicate with others electronically is important to many of us. This is why the Office 365 project to improve the central email Exchange service for employees is so fitting for the University. Project scope is limited to Outlook email, calendars, tasks, notes and contacts for the first phase.

One major impact of the project is the change of infrastructure from on-premise, at the University, to hosting in the cloud. The Outlook interface will remain the same for most people. What you may not know is that this change touches a lot of people!

Project progress

  • A partner with experience in Office 365 email migrations has been selected. We have started talking about our current environment and what will be needed for the design and architecture related to our requirements.
  • An in-depth assessment is underway and several IT representatives have already sent their lists of applications that are linked to Outlook or Calendar to the project team. The major thrust of the technical planning will occur between now and February 2018.
  • Several information sessions were held with end users, and a project website with lots of information was created. More background information about security and privacy issues will be added. You can expect reference materials to be also included. Once we have the migration schedule with the migration dates for the various sectors, that information will be posted on there as well. As the migration dates approach, we will look at offering pre-migration information sessions for those who would like to know a bit more or want to ask questions. So, keep visiting the project site regularly for updates.

One issue that will need to be tackled is the current U.S.-based instance of Office 365 used in the cloud by over 18,000 University associated people such as students, staff, and employees. We will need to take possession of the domain name, so a mitigation plan will be drafted to address those using this cloud service.

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