Strategies abound to bring Office 365 collaborative tools to you

Posted on Friday, February 8, 2019

IT specialists across the University met on February 6 to discuss strategies and ideas to ease the Office 365 apps introduction to faculties and services. Services offered during the second phase of the Office 365 project have the potential to transform the University workplace.

IT reps open discussion on Office 365 apps at uOttawa

There’s a lot of buzz accompanying the adoption of MS Teams and of OneDrive! MS Teams offers a chat functionality, the ability to have video conference calls, group conversations, and share files by clusters of people and more. The participants’s questions covered how to enable the adoption of both applications and challenges related to creating and managing groups in Teams.

OneDrive, that allows online access to files and documents from any device, was the other key point of the discussion. For the most, the questions were raised around how to best enable adoption by users and provide best practices and instructions regarding its use.

Deployment to users is planned in the spring. Information about Phase 2 and the functionalities brought to users is available on our website.


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