One year later… a look back on uoCampus

Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017

It has been one year since the University’s implementation of the new student information system, uoCampus. The project goal was to replace the older system with a modernized system with improved technology, better performance and that could grow with the institution. With that in mind, the University implemented a commercial solution that was refined with the student lifecycle in mind.

Technological improvements

On the technology side, uoCampus has been performing well. uoCampus is working well with other University systems and we continue to work with partners to improve integrations. Thanks to upgraded technology, system delays have been virtually eliminated, notably during high-levels of activity such as the fall class registrations. In the past, users would often encounter pages that wouldn’t load or sessions that would disconnect, which are now things of the past. In fact, for the fall 2017 registration period, many faculties saw nearly 50% of registrations for eligible students completed within 15 minutes of official registration start times.

Review of internal processes

As part of the project, we had reviewed many internal processes. This was challenging as these were well-established. However, in the past year, we’ve seen operational efficiencies take form. Using the methodologies developed for uoCampus, we are constantly reviewing the processes to introduce new efficiencies and functionalities.

Going Forward

With the implementation and an entire business cycle completed, we can begin looking at adding new functionalities; tasks which will continue to require extensive consultation with users.

uoCampus delivers a solid foundation, and we’re continually looking into future developments and improvements to continue to enhance the student experience.

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