Phase 2 of more secure student accounts coming soon

Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Student account compromises have significantly increased over the last year. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enrolment significantly reduces instances of an account compromise by over 99%. We are expanding overall security by rolling out MFA to all remaining student accounts. Over 22,000 new uOttawa students enrolled to MFA and benefit from more secure accounts.

Student MFA enrolment

In the new year, all uOttawa students will need to have MFA to access uOttawa systems. This will be a mandatory security requirement to access many University systems and applications.

The highly effective security feature will be applied to student accounts based on a schedule that will focus on one faculty at a time to maximize communication and support for students. Students only need to enrol once. Once MFA is enabled, every time you log into your account you will need to approve your access using a secondary device such as a smartphone.

Don’t wait. Students that have not yet enrolled for MFA can start securing their accounts at any time by following the steps to set up MFA.

Student IT Care will be hosting webinars to help students with enrolment, or students can book a one-on-one learning and support session. Students can also chat with a Service Desk analyst or submit a Service Centre request for assistance.

Security is everyone’s responsibility!

Help make our network and applications safer by encouraging students to enrol for MFA as soon as possible. If you interact with students through the uOttawa network or applications, this is an important security step to protect both their account and yours. MFA has already drastically improved account security for new students, support staff, and academic accounts.

Project timeline


Tentative start date*

Tentative end date*


January 10

January 14

Civil Law section

January 10

January 14

Common Law section

January 17

January 21

Special Students

January 17

January 21


January 24

January 28


January 31

February 4


February 7

February 11

Social Sciences

February 14

February 18

Telfer School of Management

February 28

March 4

Health Sciences

March 7

March 11


March 14

March 18


March 21

March 25

University of Saint Paul

March 28

April 1

*Note: Tentative dates reflect an estimate for the roll-out. Dates are subject to change based on project progress.

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