Pilot project: Large file transfer service

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018

LiquidFIles Send message screen

We are inviting IT Reps to try our new uOttawa secure file transfer service powered by LiquidFiles between now and May 25, 2018.

We are still configuring the system to meet the needs of the University, but wanted to offer you the opportunity to try this new service before we communicate its availability to other groups. When testing the system, we encourage you to send files to other faculty, staff, and students with employee credentials, or encourage them to use LiquidFiles to send files to you. To report technical issues you can contact the Service Desk, and to provide feedback or suggestions about this service fill out our online form.

Secure file transfer service makes it easy to send very large files/folders, up to 10 GB in size to any email address through an easy-to-use web interface. It delivers added security for sending confidential/sensitive messages and attachments through automatic encryption and deletion of files after five days. Please note that the LiquidFiles Outlook plug-in for PC users will not be supported at this time.

Getting started is easy! Access your uOttawa LiquidFIles account and start sending your files now. For help resources and more about getting the most out of LiquidFiles, visit the uOttawa LiquidFiles user guide.

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