Redesign of the professors’ portal in VirtuO

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A new initiative to bring increased usability and improve user experience is coming to VirtuO, the University of Ottawa’s employee portal. In partnership with the research and academic community and system owners, changes are underway to improve access to the information and tools supporting research at the University.

VirtuO screenshot researchers tab

 "Researchers have unique needs," points out Paul Mercier. As the IT manager responsible for developing solutions for the research community, he understands the need to simplify and minimize the administrative overhead for researchers. 

VirtuO screenshot researchers tab

The priority is to realign the content with the research lifecycle in the existing Teaching and Research tab. A redesigned interface will provide a more intuitive layout of the teaching and research content and tools. We welcome a fresh new look after years of housing the same appearance.

"Revealing the true potential of the system we currently navigate is just one step away. Many of the researchers, who use VirtuO, will find clear benefits when accessing the new portal." Elena Dragomirescu, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering.

"With the list of all the tools researchers need under one umbrella, this is a step in the right direction,” affirms Terry Campbell, Executive Director, Research Operations and Strategies, Research Management Services.

The change will occur in June 2019. Consultations with major stakeholders including the Communications Directorate and Human Resources continue. Your ideas and feedback are welcomed! Direct them to Paul Mercier.

VirtuO screenshot researchers tab


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