Not realizing that you are a target

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Safer Internet Day is celebrated on February 5 and raises awareness about our cybersecurity practises vis-à-vis the Internet. Most of us are using the Internet in one form or another throughout our days. Security experts point out that most of us do not feel we are an attractive target for hackers and as a result, we don’t pay much attention to the security surrounding our devices. After all, don’t we all have an anti-virus installed? And furthermore, aren’t IT organizations taking care of security issues? What can we possibly do that will make a difference?

Each of us is responsible for IT security. It is a collaborative endeavour that requires both security experts and users to jointly take action to be effective. The growing sophistication of IT security breaches goes beyond what an anti-virus only can handle. Some of the attacks relay on how we use Internet-related devices and systems. Our personal data can be targeted through our buying habits as we regularly learn in the news. At the University, we are only as strong as our weakest link in keeping student, employee, financial, and research data safe. So, read up on good IT security practises. Many exist, starting with the Get Cyber Safe site and our website.

Are you a target? Yes, you are. Be aware. Stay secure.

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