The second-level support team : Our superheroes for remote working!

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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Whether you’ve received a University laptop in the last year, assistance with hardware or software, or obtained basic computer training, you’ve likely been in contact with an analyst from our second-level support team. It’s been a hectic year for them, but they have been agile in ensuring employees and academics get the technology and support they need to work remotely. “The technicians are knowledgeable, courteous, and very prompt in responding and in resolving IT issues.  This has helped enormously staff who are now working from home and using new digital platforms and tools,” explained Terry Campbell, Executive Director of Research Operations and Strategies.

In 2020, the team equipped hundreds of employees with the technology needed to work from home, sometimes in a matter of days. No easy feat considering IT devices have been in short supply this year. They rallied with IT representatives in faculties and administrative staff to gather a reserve of laptops and IT equipment that could be configured and then deployed to the community within in a very short timeframe. Senior Computing Analyst Jonathan Gualtieri explains, “Many users were using desktop computers in their office. The demand for laptops was so high. It was a big team effort to get users up and running with a laptop, but also configuring their workplace computer to make sure they could connect remotely.”  

The team deployed over 700 laptops, which represents over 1,400 hours of work spent deploying laptops alone! 

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They continue to provide hands-on support to those working on campus while configuring and distributing equipment. Newly implemented tools such as AnyDesk facilitate remote support and while System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) expedites the deployment process for laptops and applications. Additionally, their support has been expanded to offer a more personalized and comprehensive service for University-owned smartphones.    

The work of the team in partnership with many partners on campus has facilitated working from home and on campus for many of us. “While much of the community was working from home, the team showed up to campus every day to deliver laptops, screens, headsets, smartphones, docking stations and more,” explains IT Manager Jean-François Dion, “Many safety measures and procedures had to be implemented very quickly to protect the health of our onsite analysts and deliver IT equipment safely. We had to rethink the way we deliver our services. I’m very proud of the team for working agile to make these changes rapidly and with the community in mind.” 

As part of the Service Management Team under Jean-François Dion, the second-level support team consists of Jonathan Gualtieri, Martin Grégoire, Louis Lattion, Mathieu Leclair, Chris Rakos (formerly), Denis Soulière, Paul Tondreau, and Jean-Luc Vermette-Castonguay. They’ve divided their group into two teams: one supports on-campus users and the other, works from home to provide remote support. To request the assistance of these experts, submit an online request

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