Self-Serve Password Reset coming to your account soon: What you need to know

Posted on Sunday, January 24, 2021

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On January 27, 2021, an initiative to enforce Self-Serve Password Reset (SSPR) for all uoAccess accounts will commence. Forget your password? Need a quick password change? No problem! Once your account has been enrolled to SSPR, you will be able to easily access the system and change your password within seconds!

In the last year, over 40,000 requests for password resets were received despite access to SSPR. These users had to either call or submit a request to the Service Desk and then wait for an analyst to assist them with a password change. SSPR eliminates that step by allowing users to change their own passwords.

How will this change affect users?

Users will be notified two days before their account is registered; when they try to login to their uoAccess account, they will be directed to register a secondary email address or set up five security questions before proceeding with access to University resources. This is a one-time prompt.

Take control of your password: SSPR benefits

  • Reset your own password, anytime and anywhere. Change your password easily from an intuitive online interface.
  • NEW passwordless sign-in coming soon. Once SSPR is enabled for your account, you will be able to take advantage of the upcoming passwordless sign-in. Rely on your smartphone and a PIN or biometric login to your uoAccess account. One less password to memorize!
  • More responsive Service Desk. The Service Desk spent the equivalent of 285 days working on over 40,000 password resets in 2020. With SSPR enabled on all uoAccess accounts, the Service Desk can focus on providing more efficient support for our community that is learning, teaching and working remotely.

Need help with your SSPR registration? Check out our SSPR enrolment process video.

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