Strengthening our ORION research network

Posted on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Map of Ontario showing ORION’s network Points of Presence within and connections between the institutions on our network.

The ORION ultra high-speed fibre research network facilitates the connection of over 2 million Ontario students, educators and researchers to their peers across the globe. Their website states, ‘ORION enables ground-breaking discoveries and cutting-edge educations through its network, and provides vital digital tools and expert support.’

To strengthen this essential infrastructure for our academic and research community, Information Technology recently made upgrades to increase the network’s capacity and strengthen its resiliency. Our previous connection to the network consisted of a single 10 GB link. We have upgraded the infrastructure to include two links each with a 10 GB capacity, for a total of 20 GB, in addition to introducing more resiliency to the network.

This change translates into increased security, reliability and performance when accessing, processing, and sharing data-intensive research through the ORION network.


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