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Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2017

New information is available following the contract extension we signed for FluidSurveys. As outlined in our previous communication, current FluidSurveys users can continue using the service until September-October 2017.

What’s happening?

FluidSurveys will still be decommissioned. From a security perspective, the servers that FluidSurveys maintained in Canada were advantageous for those with confidential, sensitive, or research data. In recognizing this, the vendor is now planning to host servers in Canada in addition to its American severs for the SurveyMonkey tool.

With this in mind, the contract states that the University will be able to use FluidSurveys until whichever of the following occurs first:

  1. Servers for SurveyMonkey are installed in Canada: once ready, an additional four months of access to FluidSurveys is granted (at the earliest, we expect this would be September-October 2017)
  2. March 2018: if the previous condition is not met, then the vendor will be retiring FluidSurveys.

Once FluidSurveys is decommissioned, all accesses and data will be lost. Users still need to export and save any surveys and data they want to keep from FluidSurveys into Excel or CSV format. To avoid data loss, start backing up your data today.

To facilitate the transition period, the vendor is providing the University with a limited number of SurveyMonkey licences on May 9, 2017. The contract period for these licences ends May 1, 2018.

Our recommendation for surveys going forward

Use FluidSurveys if your surveys are:

  • offered for a short, limited-time
  • collecting personal, confidential or research data

Use SurveyMonkey if your surveys are:

  • active for a longer duration of time, spanning between October 2017 to April 2018
  • collecting data that is not personal, confidential or for research


As with FluidSurveys, user documentation and technical support for SurveyMonkey is provided by the vendor. Their support site is available at They also offer 24/7 email support or you can request a call.

Next steps

We will be closely following updates on Canadian servers for SurveyMonkey. As well, we will be investigating if there are ways to encrypt data responses. Status updates will be posted on the IT site and major developments will be communicated.


If you have any questions, would like to set up account access to FluidSurveys or SurveyMonkey, or need help, contact the Service Desk.

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