Survey tool update

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Author: Carl Blanchette, Information Technology manager

Information Technology has completed the SurveyMonkey configuration and set-up for our users. SurveyMonkey accounts are now available.

Request a SurveyMonkey account

Because our contract provides a limited number of licenses, user accounts will be created on a first come, first serve basis and will be created until we have reached the threshold listed in our licence agreement. To request an account, contact the Service Desk with details about your survey needs and whether you expect more than 100 responses per survey. Accounts will be valid for one year and are limited to employees only.

Alternative solutions

We recognize that you may have survey and account administration needs that may not be included with Survey Monkey. We have completed the analysis of multiple solutions and are able to recommend alternative solutions that meet the University’s mandatory criteria. Details about proceeding with an alternative solution can be found on the project website.

If you have active FluidSurveys surveys that need to remain active past December 12, 2017, you should proceed with a new survey tool (either Survey Monkey, or one of our recommended alternatives) and re-create the surveys to share accordingly.

For any questions or technical requests related to surveys, contact the Service Desk.

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