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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

You now have access to a top-notch survey tool!

Information Technology is pleased to announce that a university-wide licence was negotiated for the Enterprise version of SurveyMonkey. More than ever, you will have increased flexibility and options in creating amazing surveys. Practical and effective features will be instrumental in delivering your questionnaires, polls, evaluations, feedback forms, and more!

Students, professors and employees alike can avail themselves of the new service free of charge. All that you need are your uoAccess credentials. Whether for a course, research, classroom application, or service management, great tools are at your disposal. Collaborating with a team on a survey? Using the workgroups feature, you can easily assign roles such as editor, collector, analyzer, viewer to design the survey, compare rules, see dashboards, do text analysis, and more. Check out the video.

Working on a more complex initiative? Over 100 integrations and APIs are available to get things done faster. Some of them include Google, Slack, MS Teams, MS OneDrive, Tableau, Shopify, and Eventbrite.

Need to get something out the door quickly? Send out your survey within minutes by adapting pre-written surveys and quizzes that are optimized for today’s mobile generation.

Need a bit of help? Here are some tools you now can access. Expert templates and thousands of sample questions developed by survey scientists are available for you to consult. Leverage the survey collectors to send out via email, web link, social media. Step-by-step tips can guide you from survey creation to analysis.

There are also iOS and Android apps for SurveyMonkey so you can create, manage, and send surveys from anywhere, any place, on any device. The Enterprise version also allows you to do all this offline.

Discover the many functionalities it offers. SurveyMonkey is secure, powerful, and intuitive. There’s a reason why they’re one of the leading survey platforms worldwide. Information about getting access is available on Information Technology’s website.

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