Suspender Fridays!

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018

image for Suspender Fridays article

Paul and Carl showing how to do a proper "snap"!

Do you really need to justify wearing the coolest thing ever? The answer is a resounding “No!”.

Reduce stress. Spice things up a bit. Have some fun. Suspenders are the way to go.

Suspender Fridays started for no particular reason, other than it made people talk the first time they saw us wearing them. People were whispering, people were giving small smiles … and everyone was having fun with it!

With the enthusiasm of the team, we started getting others involved. Someone even borrowed mine just because they did a good thing and wanted to showcase it!

Wanna notch it up a level and do something extra-special on a Friday? Think bowtie or … maybe you’ll go cufflinks. Run wild with it!

Look, we’re trend setters and it’s only been 4 months but we’re calling out to everyone to join the craze. And share pictures. Hopefully, spread the fun year-round!

So to all those who are still debating the merits of suspenders … just do it!  We’re available if you want pointers. LOL

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