The team behind uOttawa’s digital web stack transformation

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2022

Author: Zachary Read, Application Manager

Over time, technology changes, best practices evolve, team compositions shift and infrastructure ages. In 2018, it was time to look at upgrading Drupal, use new tools and technologies for maintaining the code, automate continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes and digital solutions, and find solutions to meet the University’s growing needs for performance, speed, and security. In close partnership with the Communications Directorate, Web Services embarked on a new initiative to do exactly that.

In the past two years, Web Services accomplished many initiatives, among which were a new cloud-based digital platform with content delivery network (CDN) integration, a modernized technology stack, a fresh mobile-first design, improved development workflows and tools, novel automated testing capabilities, enhanced security response measures, and streamlined site launch workflows. The team delivered over 117 websites from various faculties, departments and services. Each now benefits from a more robust digital platform serving millions of visitors, students, faculty and staff each year. Web Services isn’t done yet – in alignment with the Digital Campus Transformation Plan, the team will continue its momentum with other exciting initiatives.

Meet the star team players:

All the work to achieve this, both visible and behind the scenes, would not be possible without the members of the Web Services team. They are reshaping the landscape of the web and will be adding to the University’s digital web presence in the upcoming year.

Current team members:

Collage picture of Web services team

Krina Trivedi, Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Fun fact: I am terrific at remembering things! I have it all imprinted in my head.
  • Professional role: I solve problems, make the complex simple, self-initiate, plan, strategize, architect, and develop. I balance the needs of business and technology to create intuitive and elegant websites and experiences.

Winnerjit Rathor, Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Fun fact: I am ambidextrous. I can use either hand which helps me do tasks with greater efficiency.
  • Professional role: I contribute to various Information Technology initiatives aimed at modernizing and digitizing the overall experience for students.

Sarah Oumy, Web Developer

  • Fun fact: I do not understand the hype behind IT (the movie), but the one thing that hypes me up is IT.
  • Professional role: I collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to manage the needs of website owners and work with web developers and designers to improve web usability.

Alin Ticlea, Web Developer

  • Fun fact: I like to climb up and ski down, sometimes I dive, and I dream to fly.
  • Professional role: If you sketch it, I can code it.

Manav Patel, Junior Web Developer (student)

  • Fun fact: I wrote my first hello world program when I was 14 years old in the classic Java BlueJ environment.
  • Professional role: I have helped build and maintain the web stack that powers the University's public websites, worked on the PWP project, and contributed to the student and employee portals.

Miten Soni, Junior Web Developer (student)

  • Fun fact: I dislike cold weather, but my dream vacation is to go to Iceland to see the northern lights and visit the ice caves.
  • Professional role: As I work, I learn from the senior developers to maintain the web stack that powers the University's public websites.

Bryan Miller, Application Manager

  • Fun fact: I like woodworking, but sanding can sometimes affect my fingerprints and I am then not able to unlock my laptop!
  • Professional role: I do whatever it takes to ensure the web and uoZone run smoothly.

Dominic Wong-Fortin, Application Manager

  • Fun fact: I have been back in school, full-time in the evenings and on weekends, for a year now. Looking forward to completing my program in the coming year!
  • Professional role: I act as the product owner for various projects, including the Perspective Web Project. I help interpret the needs of the community and ensure the outcome of projects brings value to stakeholders. I also support our development team to ensure their high performance by removing obstacles and cultivating an engaging, productive, and motivating environment.

Zachary Read, Application Manager

  • Fun fact: I spent the pandemic honing my gardening skills and now, I get to enjoy fresh meals incorporating veggies from the garden!
  • Professional role: I help lead projects and support team members to ensure their ultimate success.

Kelvin Chan, IT Manager

  • Fun fact: I live to eat and I’m an amateur Crossfitter which helps offload the occasional overindulging.
  • Professional role: My goal is to be an efficient conductor; I am constantly looking for opportunities for the team and self-growth.

Past team members:

We would also like to recognize the efforts from past members of the Web Services team.

André Lacroix, Dilanga Algama, Dmitry Kutin, Eric Chen, François Prévost, George Agadah, Gurjinder Singh Pabla, Ingrid Hernandez-Remedios, Nabil Slimani, Philippe Morin, Rishaad Quaiser, Ronald Joseph, and Sébastien Sanscartier.

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