Technology wows at Canadian university IT conference

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2021

The theme was Artfully innovative and CANHEIT 2021 did not disappoint. In what was an amazing mixture of technology and sharing, IT professionals from Canadian universities met during May 31-June 4 at the annual CANHEIT conference.

CANHEIT is the sole national conference for IT professionals in higher education in Canada. CANHEIT offers an opportunity for IT professionals to share their expertise with colleagues, learn, and network.

CANHEIT 2021 was hosted virtually by Concordia University. Framed by an easy-to-use and visually appealing conference tool, there were various interesting technologies used to make the conference experience just so much better. With an added cool factor.

uOttawa had a solid presence and presented a wide gamut of topics ranging from allyship and inclusivity to the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture program.The nine sessions were well-attended and garnered a lot of interest. So much so that there are plans to rerun our sessions this summer for the University IT community.

Some conference WOW factors:

Some highlights and Trivia factors at CANHEIT Conference

What an awesome way to learn what other universities are doing. It was a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to ideas that can be accelerators for our initiatives in the upcoming year.

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