TOPdesk migrates to Canadian Data Centre

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Author: Chau Nguyen

In April 2021, Information Technology successfully migrated TOPdesk, its Service management system, to the new Canadian Data centre.

If you’ve ever submitted a request by calling 6555 or online using the Service Desk request form, you’ve used TOPdesk. It is Information Technology’s Service portal for managing and facilitating technology requests and changes. The University of Ottawa is the first Canadian university to select this product as its IT Service Management solution.

In April, we successfully migrated TOPdesk from Delft, Netherlands to the new Canadian data centre. The benefits?

  • More stable environment
  • Data centre that meets our security policies
  • Decrease in service interruptions
  • Faster response time
  • More rapid connection to the Self-Service tool

TOPdesk’s migration was in response to security compliance and business requirements. Reflecting information Technology’s objective to be more agile, it was a major change that affected all its clients: students, professors, and staff.

Upon the successful execution of the project, IT staff members, Jean-François Dion and Kais Laribi, celebrated the achievement.

Kais Laribi with his

Kais Laribi, Applications Manager

“TOPdesk migration completed mission. Thank you, Team uOttawa!,” Kais Laribi, Applications Manager.

Jean-François Dion with his

Jean-François Dion, IT Manager

“We finally migrated our TOPdesk environment to the Canadian Data Centre! Thank you Kais for all your hard work,” shared Jean-François Dion, IT Manager (Service Management).

 Success!" cake.


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