Tracking the progress of the Digital Campus Transformation Plan

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2022

Image with text Digital campus transformation plan 2020-2025
The development of the Digital Campus Transformation Plan Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard is in full swing. We continue collaborating closely with the Datahub team as they work toward Transformation 2030’s evidence-based decision-making objective. The team has employed the enterprise standard for dashboarding – Microsoft Power BI, to visually bring our KPIs to life. 

Through an agile approach, we will be rolling out our KPIs incrementally starting with:

  • Uptime Availability of Critical Services | Theme: Digital solution

More agile – the rate of availability of critical services is at 99.92%.

  • Information Security Awareness Training | Theme: Risk

More sustainable – our security posture has been improved by providing information security training, with our level now at 62%.

  • IT Employee Engagement | Theme: Workplace culture

More impactful – we have maintained a sound organizational culture, with IT staff engagement reaching 55.40%.

  • Self-service Opportunities | Theme: User experience

More connected – we have enhanced access to information and services to meet user needs in a timely and effective manner via the self-service tool, with a satisfaction rate of 75%.

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