Unplugged: The future of Wi-Fi is live in Vanier Hall

Posted on Friday, February 7, 2020

Wire and bolt cutter

Information Technology has cut the cables and gone completely wireless in the basement of Vanier Hall. During the retrofit of the workplace in Vanier Hall, new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology was installed. Wi-Fi 6 is the newest standard in wireless technology that offers high-efficiency, increased capacity and improved multiprotocol connections.

“Imagine a two-lane highway that’s always congested. On its best day, traffic moves at half the speed limit. Now imagine the two lanes become six. That’s what Wi-Fi 6 will do.” – Network Alliance

Goodbye cables

Working with Facilities to look at the placement of workstations, the design of the wireless network was carefully planned to ensure the optimal placement of wireless access points. The design also considered the usage within the space; a lot of users within the same area requiring a lot of capacity to meet the demands of technological work.

Although the wires have been removed, the performance has not been affected. Employees still benefit from increased performance and capacity, but completely wireless. Even working in meeting rooms and projecting onto screens is done completely without wires with no affect to video or sound quality.

Less cabling results in reduced energy consumption, decreased environmental impact, and cost savings, not to mention quicker implementation. In the realm of digital transformation, it allows us to be more agile in enhancing the digital experience – which is important as the demand for faster and stronger wireless connections inevitably increases. The Vanier Hall workspace was a pilot for going completely wireless and now is the University’s first installation of the state-of-the art Wi-Fi 6!

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