University of Ottawa’s first Information Governance Council

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

To improve collaboration, communication and transparency at the University of Ottawa, the University Information Governance Council was created under the guidance of Martin Bernier, Chief Information Officer, and Annick Bergeron, Secretary General.

To support the University’s vision of excellence in teaching, learning and research, the newly created Council will help the University maximize institutional value from technological investments and practices and ensure campus-wide alignment with the University’s strategic objectives and priorities.

While ensuring transparency and an increased level of collaboration within the University’s sectors and faculties, the Council will make recommendations and decisions, and provide guidance on University projects and initiatives. The Council will weigh the complexity and wide range of their needs to ensure all recommended IT solutions and services support the University’s direction for the future.

The Council is presided by the University’s CIO and most of its members are appointed by the Administration Committee:

  • Chief Information Officer – Martin Bernier
  • Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs – Aline Germain-Rutherford
  • VRA, Research Support and Infrastructure – Guy Levesque
  • AVP, Financial Resources – Marie-Claude Filion
  • Senior Director, Information and Archives Management – Nina Carter
  • External Relations (Advancement Services) – Kevin Kardasz
  • Deputy Provost, Planning and Academic Budgets – Marcel Mérette
  • AVP, Human Resources – Elvio Buono
  • University Librarian and Vice-Provost – Talia Chung
  • AVP, Enrolment Management – Éric Bercier
  • AVP, Student Life – Michel Guilbeault
  • Dean (Faculty of Health Sciences) – Lucie Thibault
  • Dean (Faculty of Arts) – Kevin Kee

The University Information Governance Council is also made up of three subcommittees focused and consulting on academic, research and administrative information.

subcomittees information governance council

The Council first met on April 15 to discuss the University’s digital ambitions and technology investments for 2019-2020. The University Information Governance Council will meet regularly, and the next meeting is planned for May 2019.

University Information Governance Council first meeting

(Left to right : Kevin Kee, Elvio Buono, Lucie Thibault, Céleste Dubeau, Martin Bernier, Talia Chung, Aline Germain-Rutherford, Éric Bercier, Michel Guilbeault, Guy Levesque)


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