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Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020

Author: Amélie Leroux, BCom in Business Technology Management

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My name is Amélie Leroux, and I am starting my third year of Business Technology Management within the Co-op Program. Technology is currently shaping all aspects of our lives, professional and personal. This new reality has impacted students along with the rest of the University community.

Due to the pandemic, technology has become a necessity for the education of university students. Everything changed so fast! Before the pandemic, I used to consider technology as a tool that supported the success I had within my courses. Today, I believe technology is the tool that enables my studies; I use technology when attending online virtual classes, accessing class handouts, writing class notes, doing research, creating new projects and even accessing textbooks.   

The new Digital Campus Transformation Plan has multiple priorities that aim to enhance this experience. While learning from home, it can be hard for students to learn and collaborate. The plan supporting the University's drive to provide an exceptional experiential, competency-based, and collaborative learning environment to students will allow us to have an atmosphere where we can do so with ease. When learning, I value a collaborative environment that is based on my progress within my education. Many other students have similar expectations. In our future courses, I hope to see this new learning environment represented.

Another priority that would allow us to easily take our classes is the department collaborating with other services to transform the University's online engagement, personalization platforms and search capabilities to enhance user experience. Considering the distractions that fill our homes, learning and working from home can be harder than doing so at the University. Transforming the online engagement, personalization platforms and search capabilities to enhance the user experience is a way to keep the students engaged and interested in furthering their education. From my own personal experience, if my courses do not intrigue me, there is a lower percentage of chance that I will work hard in those courses. If the learning experience is not equal or above the standards of in-class courses, more students will want to leave the University altogether. Students generally have very high standards, and the Plan is poised to meet those standards.  

Studying at the University, I have also used many of the mobile apps created to enhance the learning experience. A secure, flexible and unified mobile student experience would definitely make it easier for us and resonate with our current generation. I check my phone all the time; if my uOttawa stuff were all there, I would check it more often. Many students, myself included, expect a mobile experience to answer to our reality. 

A university environment that values growth and innovation through the use of vibrant, original and interactive classes will allow me to achieve my professional goals. With vast knowledge and experience, I aspire to become a CIO of a company one day. Hopefully, this new Digital Campus Transformation Plan can help me get the knowledge I need within my studies. 

Bottom line for students: It is important to follow through with the priorities outlined in the Digital Campus Transformation Plan to meet student expectations.

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