VirtuO boasts new Teaching and Research pages

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2019

After several months of collaborative work, the initiative to bring increased usability and improve the researchers’ and professors’ experience is wrapped up. The new redesigned Teaching and Research pages are now live in VirtuO, the University of Ottawa’s employee portal.

To bring this initiative together, Information Technology has worked with the research and the academic community and with various stakeholders from the University community who own applications and content on these pages.

Research and Teaching tabs in the uOttawa employees' portal

The new content simplifies and reduces the administrative overhead for researchers, which was the main objective of this initiative.

"Great job overall! This will be so useful," affirms Lysanne Lessard, Assistant Professor, Telfer School of Management.

The new layout comes to highlight the realignment of the content with the research lifecycle, which only improves the user experience.

The content and the research and teaching tools are laid out in a more intuitive manner. Constance Crompton, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair, Digital Humanities, notes that

Your labelling of the function of each system alongside its name is very helpful. I love having the tools listed together. I am glad of the comprehensive explanations that show up in pop outs when I hover over the items in the systems' list.

I am very satisfied, it really meets our needs! Nice team work!”, Carole Fleuret, Professor, Faculty of Education.

"Looks great and it works!, concludes Terry Campbell, Executive Director, Research Operations and Strategies, Research Management Services.

Your feedback and ideas about the page are always welcomed. Direct them to Paul Mercier.

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