Walk-along with the CIO

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 22 had all the right ingredients for a campus tour: it was Friday, the sun was shining, and people were happy to be out and about. Martin Bernier, the CIO, and a dozen of Information Technology staff embarked on a historical tour under the guidance of Archivist, Lucie Desjardins.

Staff accompanying the CIO was mostly from teams who attained a 100% participation in the recent Employee Giving Program (Web Services group and Research group). Being relatively new to the University, it was a great opportunity for Martin, and everyone else, to learn more about the roots of the institution. Fascinating facts about the buildings and the people who worked in them were shared as the group walked throughout the campus. A lot of history resides in the walls of those buildings, some as early as 1894. You can never know too much! Fun fact: The Visual Arts building (100 Laurier) is the oldest building on campus and owned originally by the Oblates. It was used to offer studies to young men who looked to join the Oblates. The Oblates and the students both resided and studied in the building.



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