We are a team: a journey with Information Technology

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Parami Gunasekara, George Agadah, and Ronald Joseph all accepted jobs as web developers with Information Technology at the University of Ottawa before they attended their Convocation ceremony on June 18, 2019. They all started their journeys with uOttawa as student employees. This shared experience allowed them the opportunity to pursue a life-changing designation.

Graduated students.

Left to right: Parami Gunasekara, George Agadah, and Ronald Joseph

“Here we collaborate. We make things as a team. Everybody knows where everybody’s at, we are always happy to help each other.”
- Parami Gunasekara

The first month as student employees was incredible to them. With help from supportive colleagues, they got to know the scene behind their daily schedules and started working on projects with impact on the uOttawa community by leveraging information technologies.

“My student-employee life was well balanced, because of the flexibility based on understanding.”
- Ronald Joseph

They were having the best of both worlds. They gained practical job experience while pursuing their studies. They benefited from the support and various resources for personal and professional development. Their student-employee lives provided them with a pathway to smooth transition to full-time positions. Now graduates, they are mentoring other student employees.

“There is a big change, we were all just students not so long ago, now people come to us for answers. Even sometimes we don’t know the answers, we know that the whole team always has our back.”
- George Agadah.

Ronald, George and Parami are now working on exciting new projects. Ronald is focusing on the multi-factor authentication, which is a simple and efficient way to protect your uOttawa accounts, while George and Parami are working on uoSyllabus, an innovative tool that will improve the teaching and student experience.

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