Are you an IT woman @uOttawa?

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Technology moves so very fast and is part of everything we do at uOttawa. The goal of the newly formed Women in IT is to create an environment where women working in information technology can collaborate, support, learn from each other, and celebrate their key roles.

The kick-off meeting was held on November 8. Fifteen IT professionals from various fields, including infrastructure, solutions, web strategy, and development, met over lunch and were joined by CIO Martin Bernier. After lunch, an inspiring walking tour of the innovative technology in the new Learning Crossroads Building (CRX) followed. Tour leaders Maryse Laflamme, head of User Services at the Library, and Martin Fortin, manager of the Learning Technology Systems and Networks at TLSS, kindly pointed out features and technologies that students and the University community will be able to benefit from in the new facilities.

It was a great success and wonderful start! The energized atmosphere was palpable as connections were made among the attendees. Women in IT will offer opportunities to grow and learn from each other’s experiences, knowledge, and connections. It will also allow members to leverage the collective expertise.  Occasionally, leaders in the field will be invited to present on topics of interest. This new opportunity to collaborate and connect with like-minded professionals will help you build up a dynamic network of contacts and knowledge.

Know someone who might be interested? Extend this information to them! A special holiday event is taking place on December 11. Monthly luncheons will be scheduled in the upcoming year. Inquiries should be directed to



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