MS Teams pilot

What is MS Teams:

The tool has collaborative features facilitating an easy communication: chat, audio and video teleconferencing, screen sharing and many other functions.

Who you will be able to communicate with:

You will be able to communicate with your colleagues who have been activated for MS Teams. 

How to access MS Teams:

Typically, MS Teams will load when you turn on your machine. Its distinctive purple icon with a capital T superimposed on it will be constantly available on your taskbar located at the bottom of your screen.

We’re thrilled that to have you on board! Innovate. Get things done. The new way. Transformation starts with MS Teams. Watch this video that gives you a preview of MS Teams.


Pilot Teams


Pilot Teams 2


Pilot Teams 3

Create a team in Teams

Collaborate with your team by contacting the Service Desk with:

  • Team name as you'd like it to appear (max. 32 characters)
  • Team owner
  • Email addresses of members
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