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IMPORTANT: We are currently migrating uOttawa student and alumni email accounts to Outlook. Learn more


Login to your account

If your @uottawa.ca email is configured, open Outlook on the web or download Outlook app and login using your uoAccess credentials



  • Storage space: Outlook provides users with 100 GB online storage
  • Collaboration features: Use Microsoft 365 tools such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams to collaborate easily and efficiently with your peers
  • Anywhere, at any time: you can access email, contacts, calendars and documents from any mobile device or computer connected to the Internet


What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of messaging and collaboration applications that Microsoft provides as a web-based service, rather than as software that you need to download and install. To access these applications, students can simply use any web browser on any computer that is connected to the Internet.

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Sign-up process

Your Outlook account is automatically activated up to 72 hours after you have successfully completed your course selection in uoCampus.

How to use Outlook on the web

Migration towards Outlook for students and alumni

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We are finishing the migration of the email system for University of Ottawa students from Gmail to Outlook, part of Microsoft Office 365. It is happening in phases. 

If you are not migrated yet, keep a close eye on your emails as we will notify you approximately two weeks before we migrate your account.

Alumni email

You will have access to the full suite of Office 365 applications for up to seven semesters after your graduation. Following that, your account will retain indefinite access to Email, Calendar, Notes, and Tasks.

What to expect  

  • There will be no change to the @uOttawa.ca email address. This includes those who have a full name email alias (e.g. Firstname.Lastname@uOttawa.ca)
  • All emails, personal calendar entries and contacts will be transferred from Google to Office 365. What will not be migrated:
    • Mail: vacation settings, automatic reply settings & filers/rules.
    • Calendar: shared calendars, cloud attachments, Google Hangout links & event colors.
    • Contacts: A maximum of three email addresses per contact, Gmail tags, contact URLs and custom tags. 
  • Once the migration is complete, students will need to use the Outlook client instead of Gmail to retrieve emails on the computer or any mobile devices.
  • Students will still be able to use all G Suite tools (Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.) until May/June 2022. This applies only to students who were already on the Google platform.  New students that registered on July 27, 2020 and after, do not have access to G Suite. 

Your Gmail labels will become Outlook folders  

Outlook doesn’t support labels. When your email account is migrated, Outlook will create folders to replace the current Gmail labels. Please note that:  

  • “Starred” emails will become flagged.  
  • Emails labelled  “Important” will be designated “Focused/Other.”  
  • Emails with other labels will be copied into folders with the corresponding label names.  
  • Emails without labels will be moved to the Archive folder.  


Why Outlook?

More secure

Microsoft is governed by strict standards and your data is kept safe in Canada.

More efficient


As the uOttawa staff use Office 365, we will improve communication and collaboration within the community. 


happy girl laptop

Our goal is to provide students with a more reliable environment and improve user experience. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We will update this section as soon as we have more information about the migration. 

Can I migrate my account early? 

Not for now. We are currently working on this possibility and we will soon update this page with an answer. 

Is there a downtime period when my account will be migrated?

Yes. Your email account will be unavailable for 3 hours approximately, on your migration date. We will provide you more information via email. 

Will you transfer my Google Drive data to OneDrive? 

Since you still have access to G Suite until summer 2021, we are not planning on transferring your data for the moment. We will soon provide you more information on how to transfer it manually. 

  • OneDrive space storage: you start with 1TB. Submit a request to obtain additional space

How will this change affect my access to my emails and OneDrive after I graduate?

Once you graduate, you will keep your email account for life. All other MS Office 365 apps (OneDrive Teams, etc.) are deactivated after graduation.

Can I keep my Gmail account? 

No. Your account will be unavailable after the migration. However, you can continue to use the rest of the applications in the Google suite (e.g. G Drive, Google Docs) until summer 2021. 

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