How do I purchase DELL Computers?

DELL Canada has created a customized “Premier Page” for uOttawa where we can order equipment online using a departmental credit card of the University or a Purchase Order number.  You require an account in order to use the site.  A special Guest account will be created for those who do not have purchasing privileges.

All purchases on the DELL site must be for administrative/academic use. See below for information on personal purchases of DELL computers.

Administrative Officers and IT representatives:
Please contact Alex Dipietro ( to have an account created.

Support Staff: 

Please contact your administrative officers or IT representatives for accounts.

To purchase equipment, create an E-Quote and send it to your administrative officer.

What type of equipment will be available from DELL?

Dell and uOttawa recommend the Optiplex and Latitude series for Educational use.  The University’s Core Operating Environment (COE) software suite has been optimized for these models.  In addition, these have been thoroughly tested with our new Wireless infrastructure.

For higher end computational and Graphics-intensive applications, the Dell Precision line might be more appropriate.  Please note, however, that the University’s COE software suite is not designed for this hardware.  Thus, fees may apply for service.

For help in this area, please contact the Service Desk at extension 6555 or via the Service Desk Request form and a consultant will be assigned to help.

What can I expect after I place an order?

You will receive two emails within 24 hours of placing your order.  The first email is an acknowledgement of the order and the second is a confirmation (this confirmation includes an ETA for Shipping).  Finally, when the equipment is shipped from DELL, a Shipping confirmation email is sent.  You can expect your order 4 to 5 business days after this confirmation.

Are there extra discounts for large orders (ie: orders of 50 computers or more)?

DELL has already included heavy pricing discounts on uOttawa’s forecast.  These numbers have already been accounted for in the forecast, thus, there is no special discounts on large orders.

Who do I contact for CFI Pricing (ie: for Research projects)?

Please enter a request with The Service Desk (extension 6555) or via the Service Desk Request form.  A consultant will contact you for details.

Can I buy DELL servers?

Yes, Please enter a request with the Service Desk (extension 6555) or via the Service Desk Request form.  A consultant will contact you for details.

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