Microsoft Campus Agreement

The University of Ottawa has acquired Microsoft software under the Microsoft Campus Agreement. This Campus Agreement is a yearly renewable site license.

Students are not covered by this agreement.

Campus Use

The University is licensed to use Microsoft products on University-owned computers. IT-representatives from the various Faculties and Services have access to the software via a secure download. If you are an IT-rep and require access to this area, please contact the Service Desk at extension 6555. To have this software installed, you may contact your IT-rep or fill out a Service Desk request here. Our Service Desk is also available for these requests.

The following is a list of products included in our agreement:

  • Windows Upgrades
  • Office Pro
  • Enterprise CAL – includes the following:
    • Windows CAL
    • Exchange CAL
    • Notes: This agreement does NOT include any Server software (i.e. Windows Server) nor does it include the Microsoft SQL Server CAL or the Terminal Server CALs.

Home Use

The Work @ Home program has been discontinued by Microsoft. It's replacement (Home Use Program - HUP) offers the Microsoft Office Suite (the Operating System Upgrades are no longer available).

Please Visit: Microsoft Office for Home Use

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