Microsoft Home Use Program

The University of Ottawa has reached an agreement with Microsoft to enable faculty and staff to purchase a single copy of Microsoft Office software for their home computer.

Software downloads are currently priced at $13. Those requesting the physical media (DVD) for the software will be charged an additional $19, plus shipping and handling.

Note: The Microsoft Home Use Program is for personal use only and is primarily available as a downloadable software package.

Current software included in the offer

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 (Windows)

  • Includes – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint Workspace, Publisher, Access, and InfoPath

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

  • Includes – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Messenger

Specifics regarding the program:

  • The Program is available only to faculty and staff who are employed by the University of Ottawa.
  • You may purchase one copy of each currently offered Microsoft product; however, you are entitled to install the software on two computers that you use for home or personal use.
  • The $13 price is to download the software from one of Microsoft’s servers. Users interested in obtaining the physical media must first pay for the download and software key. They will then be able to order the physical media for an additional cost of $19, plus shipping and handling. (At this time, there is no option to only order the media through the Microsoft Home Use Program.)
  • No provisions are made for future releases. You will be required to pay the indicated price for future editions.
  • You must agree to the Microsoft use requirements, which includes removal of the software when your University of Ottawa employment expires. This stipulates that you do not own the software, but rather are entitled to its use as a University of Ottawa employee.
  • Questions regarding the program should be directed to the Service Desk

Purchasing the software

To begin the purchase process, we ask that you contact the Service Desk to receive your software purchase code. Once you have received your code, make your way to Microsoft’s Home Use Program download site and follow the instructions as indicated.

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