Support Model


A Common Operating Environment (COE) computer is shipped with all the standard applications. The COE greatly improves efficiency by standardizing the elements that are always delivered with an Intel-based PC. User support is simplified.

Only COE compliant equipment is supported by University support staff except equipment purchased to meet specific requirements of an academic or research program.


The levels of support are defined by who performs first line support (the initial contact to report a problem with diagnosis and resolution of simple problems.) for a COE computer.

Information Technology negotiates a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with each faculty and service. It clearly describes which services will be delivered by Information Technology, by local staff, and by outside contractors.

The SLA allows the quality of service to be measured. The support model can be broken down into three categories:

  • Category 1:
    For a COE user with no local support, Information Technology provides first and second line support (requires a visit to an office for the installation or trouble-shooting of a complex problem).
  • Category 2:
    For a COE user with local support, Information Technology provides first line support while the faculty/service provides second line support.
  • Category 3:
    For a COE user with faculty or service add-ons in which localized support is available, Information Technology provides first line support for the COE applications only.

    The faculty/service provides second line support for COE applications and both types of support for the additional, non COE software.

For all non COE users, both first and second line support, if any, is provided by the faculty/service.

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