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All student printing needs can be met at the DocUcentre, located at the University Centre (UCU 0024). A temporary website has been created to send files in advance.

Submit your files in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Visit the DocUcentre Online Submission website and sign in to your account (using uoAccess credentials)

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Your uoAccess ID is the short name before your email address (e.g.: jsmit000)

Step 2: Once logged into your account, click on Place an Order to continue 

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Step 3: Fill in your information and attach your file(s) to print. Then click on Add to cart


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Step 4: Review your order, then click Checkout to continue

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Step 5: Your order has been sent. You can now click on My Account to review your order history

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Once your request has been submitted, a DocUcentre representative will contact you to review your needs, determine pricing and arrange a pickup time.

If you need help, visit or call the DocUcentre (613-562-5800 ext. 3133).

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