Information Technology Services for professors and researchers

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Information Technology provides leadership and integrated technology services that contribute to excellence in research, teaching and the student experience. Thanks to evolving technologies, teaching and business continuity through online collaboration and remote work is possible. 

Information Technology supports your use of many technological resources at uOttawa. Your faculty/department provides support (through your departmental IT representative) for many faculty-specific services; we provide support for institutional IT services. Contact us and we will connect you to the right resource.  

Daily resources



Make sure your data is protected by installing antivirus software and by keeping it up to date through automatic updates.



You have access to telephone, voice messaging, automatic call distribution, and audio-conferencing systems. There are also pay phone TTYs (teletypewriter relay service) available on campus, allowing deaf or hearing-impaired people to communicate with others and vice versa.
Set up your voicemail today!


Enrolling your account for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) today provides your accounts and resources with added security now. MFA provides an added layer of security for your accounts in so far as it requires identity confirmation using a secondary device such as a smartphone when you login to University of Ottawa resources.
Enroll to MFA now!


Education roaming allows you to connect your wireless device to the Internet from virtually anywhere on campus. It also provides secure access to wireless internet services when visiting other affiliated institutions.
To use the eduroam network, login using your uoAccess credentials.


Access secured resources on the uOttawa network. Download and install the VPN software.


MS Teams has collaborative features facilitating an easy communication: chat, audio and video teleconferencing, screen sharing and many other functions. MS Teams is also a great tool to interact with students in real time.
Learn more about MS Teams


Scientific computing seminars hosted by Information Technology offer various subjects ranging from how to get started with high performance computing to more in-depth programming techniques.


UNIWeb, a centralized bilingual CV tool for University academics, is an intuitive and efficient web application that professors and researchers will find quick and easy to use when entering and maintaining CV information, as well as exporting, reusing and saving information in multiple formats. 
Details about UNIWEB


Several file and data storage solutions exist for faculty members and their students with multiple benefits such as cloud hosting for file sharing and collaboration, or access to central file servers for back-ups and repository, to internal hosting for sale and secure long-term storage of large data sets. 
More info about file storage

Research resources


Information Technology provides consultation services to help design, procure, configure and install a system that best fits your needs.

  • Colocation Data Centre
    Researchers can host servers in the Colocation Data Centre. This facility is ideal if you require 24-hour access to your servers in a secure, reliable and cost-efficient environment.
    More info about colocation Data Centre


High performance computing (HPC) is a powerful tool in today’s research. HPC-based systems are equipped with thousands of processors, multiple GPUs, hundreds of gigabytes of memory, and terabytes of storage.
More info about high performance computing

Teaching resources


Take a look at the Teaching Remotely page to know more about the transition to remote teaching, accessibility, support and more!

Contact the TLSS One-stop window if you are unsure where to start, or would like to book a consultation with an Educational Specialist.


If you are teaching a course requiring students to access University computers or software for learning purposes, the new StudentLabs Service facilitates student access to these resources from off-campus. StudentLabs is an online portal that offers students remote access to these resources from their personal computers or via a web browser. StudentLabs Service


DocUcentre offers a variety of print, finishing, business services, and can help manage the production and sale of your course packs, including the verification and permission for work that is copyrighted. DocUcentre also offers a convenient Scantron scanning service that can be used for scoring multiple-choice exams and for data collection.

If you have problems with your copy card, please visit to the docUcentre in one of the three DocUcentre locations.
Questions: 613-562-5800 ext. 3711,

You can also print from your computer/laptop to any of the self-serve Relmon printers on campus.


SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool, it provides real-time visibility and control over the data. You can create questionnaires, write email invitations, plan and manage the distribution of email messages, and analyze the data collected.
More info about the survey tool


Create a mailing list for non-teaching functions, for example: a monthly newsletter to a personal research network. Learn more about the conditions for use and fill out a listserv request form.


The Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) nurtures and promotes innovation and excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the University. They offer a Learning Management System (LMS) that offers various features as well as advantages. You can:

  • Share course resources
  • Communicate with students online
  • Personalize a course website 
  • Download and manage content 

A proctoring tool was also added: Respondus Lockdown and Respond Monitor.
A complete guide to Virtual Campus is also available at your fingertips.
More documents are available

Hardware and software


Faculty and staff can efficiently and conveniently order equipment online using a Corporate Credit Card or a Purchase Order number.

  • DELL purchases
    All purchases on the DELL site must be for administrative/academic use.
    Contact your IT representative or contact the Service Desk to set up an account.
  • Apple purchases
    Apple offers special pricing to students, teachers, administrators, and staff members. Visit the Canada Apple Store for Education to place your order on the full range of Mac computers at reduced prices. 


Information Technology connects you to a range of academic and administrative software that is either free or can be purchased at a discounted rate.
To purchase software that is not listed, submit a request with the Service Desk


Recycling your computers and peripheral devices diverts waste and hazardous materials from landfills. To recycle an electronic device please notify the IT support contact in your department to have the computer(s) picked up for recycling.
Contact your IT Representative to discuss wiping your hard drive.

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